Mind-Race was founded by the articulate editor and writer Isaiah Rogers. He created Mind-Race after years spent reviewing and understanding how thoughts can play a major role in positive and negative emotions, and finding a platform to where individuals can express their opinions and thoughts more effectively through writing than speaking.

He thought it can be effective. More insightful. Compelling, even. Why can’t a writer be more compelling than a public speaker? The words are the same; but they’re relaying out to the audience in different ways. And that’s how Mind-Race was born.

The thought-provoking, inspiring phenomenon of Mind-Race was to stimulate the mind of analytical thinkers as well as change the Narrative that writers can have just as good of an impact as public speakers do.

And with excellent content, strong-willed opinions that viewers enjoy,

Please allow your mind to… Race…

Mind-Race supports Triple Diamondz as an inspiring, positive-vibes only company