When I left Instagram & Facebook, I…

When I left Instagram and Facebook, I felt that I got my life back. I believe it was by far one of the best decisions that i made in my life, to be quite honest.

You see..

It got to a point to where I allowed the likes to dictate my overall worth and value in the world, subconsciously.

Instead of just reaching out and asking how the person is doing, I could easily just see how the person is doing without even having to talk to them, like a stalker!!

I got caught up in viewing other people’s lives and how cool their lives were instead of living my own life and doing what I like to do, which is write.

Writing is completely the exact opposite of what my friends and family are doing. Most of them don’t even know i write. Shhhh!!

I was seeing other people getting married, going on hikes with friends and significant others, seeing successful businesses, millions of followers, getting a bunch of likes, celebrities with instagram models that it almost became depressing instead of liberating.

I was allowing social media dictate my life’s work and I was completely wrong.

The moment I let go of Facebook & Instagram, the less energy was zapped away from me. I was able to set more goals for myself, enjoy genuine face to face interactions with people, and also not compare life’s value.

Now, I’m not in anyway saying quit Instagram or Facebook. If anything, it might actually help you remember people’s birthday. I am saying that if there’s anything that zaps your energy to your overall value of life, it might be time to part ways with it.


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