Letting Things Go

Letting go of things at times can be difficult. Well, I know it is for me, but I can’t speak for everyone else.

I watched a television show today called “God Friended Me”. It was about a young man, who is atheist, that received a friend request from the God account that connects him to helping people through facebook. His father is a pastor, which creates a interesting dynamic.

In one of the episodes, God has the young man face his past by having him help the man that killed his mother in a drunk driving accident 17 years ago.

The young man, at first, refused to help the man. He was full of anger at “the account” for having him help the man that killed his mother.

His friends & family were trying to persuade the young man to face the drunk driver so he can move forward. He, slowly, agreed to go to the drunk driver’s house and meet with him.

The drunk driver told the young man everything that happened.

The young man found out that the drunk driver was celebrating after passing his exam to become a firefighter and thought he was okay to drive. Then, accident occured. The drunk driver had a record and was never able to enter the firefighting academy.

Th drunk driver said to the young man “All I wanted to do was saves lives, but i ended up taking a life”.

The Moral to the story is the young man had people around him that supported him so that he could move forward and face his past and let it go.

I learned from this episode about the importance of letting go of the pain, the hurt, and the disappointment in my own personal life.

I choose to let it go to be stronger…


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