Decision along with Vision

Decision Computer Key Representing Uncertainty And Making Decisions Online

As an individual, we all make tough decisions that will change the whole aspect of our life & career for our own personal growth. At times, the decisions that you make will be uncomfortable to your peers, family members, and community; because they may think your crazy or don’t understand your thinking.

Sometimes, your decisions may not be based on your thinking; it can be based on the instinct or a vision that God put inside of you that others won’t understand until the vision is complete.

For example, you may have a job that pays good money and benefits to work in the Medical field, but it conflicts with your vision and purpose that God put inside of you to work as a Missionary.

What happens if you stay with a good paying job and not do what you’re called to do?

-Others will end up being robbed, such as nations in Africa that need your solution to end World Hunger or rescue village that are oppressed; because you’re not fulfilling your purpose.

-You won’t be fulfilled even though you’re making good money.

-Or… God may be put in a position to where you need to leave because you’re holding a position that could be called for someone else so you can do were called to do.




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