Family and Photography


I never thought that this one piece of equipment could change my perspective on family. You always hear the saying that pictures capture more than a 1,000 words.

To be honest, I thought it was an old cliche, until I bought this camera. It’s a Canon T6 Rebel, that you see above.

Why did I buy this Camera?

I always wanted one, but the timing was never right for me to get one. I was coming back from working a funeral at my local church and it really open my eyes to the small amount of time that we have on this Earth.

What better way can we capture moments than with Photography?

Now, I wasn’t fully sold on getting a camera in the beginning, until I ran into one of my good friends and his wife from my local church at Best Buy. I had no idea that my friends wife was into photography and informed me about the good cameras, especially for a beginner.

It is better to be sold on a product with someone that you trust than someone that you don’t know that is trying to get a commission.

I bought the camera and it was one of the best investments that I’ve ever gotten.

Take a look

This is my family. To the far right, my cousin Denisha…In the Middle, my nephew Alex along with his fiance, Kiya on the middle left. Last, but not least, is the trouble-maker herself, Aunt Dede…

I honestly don’t know what Alex was doing in this picture, but it looks like he was scheming to get more Mac n Cheese. These moments are priceless.

Another moment that was special was being around my Grandma, whom I haven’t seen in a year.

Check it out:

Far right, My Momma cheesin’, The Middle, My Grandma along with her favorite Sprite drink, Far Left, Me

These strong, wonderful women have been so inspirational to me and my life to where I feel that I am the wealthiest person in the world. At times, I get caught up in trying to be rich and take care of them like they took care of me that I forget that I am wealthy because of them.

I never would’ve that the buying that camera yesterday would change my whole perspective of how God uses Photography to bring people together. It amazes me how it took me to realize that.

I guess I found a new hobby….


Much love y’all



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