When Doors Don’t Open, Create Your Own Door

I’ve had a lot of doors close in my life.

Some doors closed right in my face.

At times, the doors closed; because, I never had the key to open it.

Other times, the door wasn’t for me to open in the first place.

Whether it’s in our careers, relationships, or all aspects of life, we’ve all had doors slam in our face. If not, then the person is either lying or has never been through the depths of adversity.

Some knock on the same doors for years and the door never opens, while others knock on the same doors and the doors opens within minutes.

The most common responses are the following:

That door wasn’t for me…

There’s new door specifically for me

You wait and wait and wait and wait and wait… Patiently

Door never opens…

You take Action and sometimes force the issue..

Door never opens..

Years go by. You go through door after door after door after door…

Door never opens...

Then, you ask yourself.

What if I’m not supposed to open doors?

What if I’m supposed to create the doors so others can open them for me?

Access Granted..

Create Your Own Door



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