The Drug of Praise and Criticism

Praise and Criticism can be a drug. People use criticism as motivating factor to prove others wrong and to reinforce resiliency.

For example, Aaron Rodgers, NFL quarterback from the Green Bay Packers, was passed over by 23 teams when he was projected to be the first quarterback taken in the 2005 NFL Draft. He waited 4 years until he was able to get his chance to show everyone that he was an elite quarterback on his way to winning a SuperBowl in 2010.

Constructive criticism can be helpful to others that may be close to reaching their purpose or destination. Although, we don’t want criticism from others to control our lives and our decisions; because, we would be surrendering our power.

Praise is great. I don’t care what anyone says but being appreciated for your hard work is gratifying. However, if you use praise to measure your own self worth, that is where most get into trouble.

For example, Instagram can be used as measuring stick for validation based on the number of likes and followers received, instead of enjoying the moment that you could never get back with your friends or family.

Don’t get it twisted. It is good to take photos to capture the moment. However, if capturing the perfect photo or video takes most of your day in order to receive validation or approval from your peers, was it really worth it?

Are you willing to sacrifice your limited time on this earth for validation?

In conclusion, never become addicted to the drug of praise or criticism. It can be a positive tool but never let it define your worth.


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