Positive vs Critical – Leadership

There are many aspects of being an effective leader and having a great impact on people’s lives.

However, there are certain aspects of leadership that can have a negative affect on a person who you’re trying to guide, influence, or befriend.


There’s a saying if you point your finger at someone then there is going to be 10 fingers pointing at you.

I definitely agree

From experience, it’s playing with fire to be critical on an individual at work, school, or with peers, especially in front of an audience.


Because. It leads to individuals becoming more defensive because they feel like they’re being attacked.

For example, A friend tells someone that their being too defensive after calling them a name as a joke.

It might be true that they are being defensive, but calling them out on it won’t help the situation.

If anything, they’ll get more defensive, which will lead to resentment and a negative affect on the friendship.

As a manager or coach, if you’re critical on an employee or player for a mistake but don’t hold other employees or players to the same standard, that can cause resentment. They may fear or respect the authority but the manager or coach won’t have a positive influence on them.

Positive Reinforcemnt

Positive reinforcement can lead to a greater result depending on if it’s genuine and not manipulative.

For example, a player or employee will go all out for their coach or manager if they know that their boss has their back.

As a professional, you have a job to do, you got to perform regardless.

However, there’s more effectiveness when you’re working for someone who’s for you, not against you.

If you speak positively in front of them but talk negatively behind their back, the negative energy will show and you will lose influence as a leader.

Even if the person needs to show more accountability, the way the message is sent will be a major factor on the change in the individual.

In conclusion, the power of influence is extremely important. Fear is not influence and it leads to resentment. Positivity without motives can impact others leading to better influence.


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