Focus on what you can Control

It’s easy to be positive when everything is going your way.

You have a thriving business or businesses..

You’re in a relationship and about to get married…

Have a baby on the way…

Making more money than you ever had in your life…

You want everyone to see you…

You’re on Top of the World!!!


What happens when things aren’t going right for you?

When you are misjudged or mistreated by people…

You’re single or going through a divorce…

When your business partner or soulmate walks out on you…

A consistent tither but no increase in your income…

When you lose a job where you have worked for 10+ years…

When people say that they’re your friends but want to see you fall…

What do you do? Are you still Positive?

We’re all human.

It’s okay to be upset when things don’t work out how you planned.

It’s staying upset that is the problem…

When you stay upset, you’re robbing yourself of your positivity and your own peace of mind. You don’t think logically, but irrationally.

You don’t stay in the present moment because you’re so busy with your past that you can never get free!!

How do you stay Positive through adversity?

I focus on what I can control not what I can’t.

What can I do today with my actions that can help better my circumstances?

Are there circumstances that are out of my control? If there are, there’s nothing that I can possibly do to change the circumstances except focus on what I can do.

At the end of the day, you ask that question and you did everything you could do to help your circumstance.

That’s more than half the battle.

Focus on what we can do and then rest….





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