“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion – Nelson Mandela

I am utterly disgusted by the acts of hatred, bigotry, & racism that were practiced in Charlottesville, Virginia on the eve of the “Unite the Right” rally.

According to ABC News, there were supremecists carrying around pitchforks stating “White Lives Matter”,”You Cannot Replace Us”, and “Blood and Soil”, a quote generated by Nazis during the Hitler Administration. Sources say that 19 people were injured and one killed on August 12th, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

It’s disrepectful to our forefathers who fought for our freedoms such as Martin Luther King, Macolm X, and the Civil Rights Movement. Its also disrespectful to Ulysesses S. Grant and Franklin Roosevelt who were essential to the demise of the Confederates and the Nazis.

These acts of hatred by protesters were cowardice and brought back a history that we worked so hard to move past.

I honestly do not know what to think right now; however, i do know that love is stronger than hate.

God does not like ugly.

Regardless of all the hatred & inequality, i pray to God that love will prevail and have faith that things will change for the better and for America not to revert back to its old ways.

If this country has reverted back to its ways, I pray that people open their eyes to see that this problem is bigger than all of us and needs to be addressed; because it can neutralize everything that this Country has worked so hard to obtain.

That is Equality…


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