How do you keep your drive and not be complacent when things aren’t going as planned?

It’s simple.

You keep pushing forward. There’s no magic step. Just hard work and a positive mindset. 

That drive that you feel when you start something new is just a temporary feeling or a burst of energy to get you going.

The main mistake that happens in life is that we don’t stick or commit to things long enough to reap the benefits and reward of our labor because we dont understand the process and worry about how long it takes. 

The main thing to keep your drive flowing, when things get stale, is to learn something new each day regardless of what it is. 


It increases your interest on what life brings, stimulates the brain, and improves your knowledge in areas that you never thought you’d be interested in.

Routines brings discipline, but curiosity brings creativity which leads to change and increases drive. 

In conclusion, don’t be stagnant. Always learn something new to get better at everyday to increase your drive on life. You never know when you’re going to reach that mountain, if you dont keep climbing.


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