Don’t Know, Ask Questions 

In society, we tend to try figure things out on our own when we don’t know something instead of asking questions; because it’s perceived as a form of independence.

Some don’t ask questions because of fear they may ask a dumb question and be heckeled by their peers. 

If that’s the case, it’s not a good learning environment for others to grow. If anything, it leads to oppressing others and their creativity, which lead to stagnate ideas and unproductive environments.

If you’re serious about change and need answers, there will be a time in life to where you have to forget everyone around you that doesn’t support your vision.


  • So you can ask questions to others that have an answer to help fulfill your vision
  • They may not be going to the level or season that you’re headed in

In conclusion, asking questions leads to finding purpose; because, it is a hunger to want to know more about the benefits that life brings.


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