Finding Purpose

There’s so many obligations and distractions that come in our lives that we don’t sit down and think about what’s the main purpose of why we’re here on this Earth. 

Some live in the moment, go with the flow of life, or even settle for the way things are out of fear, complacency, or not asking for help.

There’s even times when you miss your purpose because you’re caught up in your own aspirations and trying to figure things out on your own, when God has already had it figured out. 

I make that mistake all the time, by I have to correct myself and get centered to find what He has planned for my life. 

When you can sit back and know that He’s in control of your purpose, you can sleep better and not have to try so hard. 

How we get that Divine Rest to where we’re not stressed, but blessed?

By being thankful and focusing on things that are important to your overall growth as a being, you will receive that divine rest. 

In reality, it can be hard to be thankful at times 

  • when your boss is yelling at you at work for not meeting a deadline
  • arguments with your mate
  • not being able to find a mate when others seem to get one

By focusing on the being thankful, the devil doesn’t have an area to enter in your life. 

Example 1: I’m thankful to have a job when there’s others out there who are struggling to have one. I’m not saying to allow your boss to yell at you because that’s not professional. 

Its mainly about finding that Divine Rest in tough times. 

Example 2: If you’re arguing with your mate, be thankful you have one and that you’re able to spend time with them. 

Example 3: If you don’t have a mate, be thankful for your Friends & Family that have your back and understand that it’s not your season right ow, but it’s coming.

Finding Purpose is knowing that God has a plan for your life so you can have Divine Rest.


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