The Power of Words

Some dont realize the power of their words and how they impact people whether it would be in a positive or negative way. 

However, there are some who are aware of their words. Some people use words as an art or a sport to get in to the head of their opponents who they think is a threat to them.

Then, there’s people who use words to try to get ahead and make themselves look better by bringing others down.

You see I was teased alot when I was a kid. I was never physically bullied because I was a big kid. What people would do was use negative words. In school, people used to tease me about how dark I was, the gap in my teeth, church-boy, and used to called me “bubble butt” behind my back. I would be called “Sensitive” because I lashed out on them for saying careless words.

I remember in high school there was a coach called me “F’n Retarded” because I didnt do something right on a football play.

You see I never liked how certain people were praised for trash-talking others to put others down to make themselves look better. If anything, I loathed them because I was one of those people on the receiving end of it.

At this time, you start to develop thick skin and a chip on your shoulder to prove people wrong. The positive is that you can use your own words to motivate yourself and others around you to write a wrong. We all make mistakes and have bad days and say things that we don’t mean.

You see we currently live in a world to where it’s okay to verbally abuse or slander people and get praised for it, sometimes even receive money for doing it; because, others are entertained.

In conclusion, understand the power of words because you never know how much of an impact it can have on others.


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