Overcoming Setbacks

Setbacks are a part of life whether we like them or not. It defines people and who they really are. It tests resiliency. For instance, an individual that has been clean from drugs for over 10 years but has a relapse because an old friend offered them some drugs. In this situation, the individual can acknowledge the situation and get back on track or continue a vicious cycle that they were previously delivered from.  

Setbacks can get you frustrated, angry, & impatient. The bad part is that those negative emotions don’t do anything to help your situation, but further put you in a deeper hole.
The positive outlook on Setbacks is that you can always bounce from them. The reason why many people have failed to see the bigger picture in life is that they look at their current situation as an end result for their future. We all can be guilty of that sometimes.

Staying centered and focusing on what your purpose is critical.  By quieting the noise and distractions that occur in your everyday life, it can be the most positive thing that you can do in your life, even if it’s only for 10 minutes.

What change can you take to overcome the setbacks that you’re currently in?

“Don’t Quit & Never Run from a Challenge”

Kanye West stated in a quote in song called “Champion” in the following: “Giving up is harder than trying.” 

When you get to a point to where giving up is harder than trying, there’s no setback that you can overcome


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