Patience is a skill that is developed over time and also learned through experience. Some are naturally born with it, while others had to learn the hard way through trial and error. I happen to be one of the individuals that learned through Trial and Error. 

For instance, I would get frustrated and angry when my peers would have significant others while I struggled to get in one relationship. It wasn’t because I was unable to be in a relationship but my inability to have patience to whether the storm that prevented me from having meaningful relationships. 

When you become impatient, you make irrational decisions; because, you’re trying to make things happen on your own just because its not at the time you want it.  
What causes impatience?

Fear of lack.

The fear of lack causes people to act quickly because there is this perception portrayed through the media to “want what others have”. This mentality causes people to stress and use other people to get ahead to get what they want or what society thinks they want. 

The moment I understood that there are blessings that are tailored for me, I stopped worrying others have. The reason why people, including myself at times, dont realize the blessings God has for them is because its not at the time we want it. 

This can causes frustration and feel like that there is a lack. 

At the same time, it might be a blessing because God may have notice that you weren’t mature at the time to handle that blessing because it’s so Great!!

In conclusion, we must have patience even when things takes longer than expected. The reason is that you may never know how close you are to your success without it.


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