follow through


You’re only as good as your Word.

If there’s no Follow-Through or Alignment with what you’re saying or doing, your words will have no Merit.

No one will believe the words that are coming out of your mouth, even if you appear to be legitimate. At times, I struggled with this because I would take on responsibilities that I shouldn’t have trying to impress, which resulted in not delivering. It wasn’t done purposely. I was just taking on more than I could handle trying to be a hero but not being able to keep my word.

I have learned at times that I have to say “no” to things and take backlash from others for it. At the end of the day, I got respect for putting boundaries and understood that I wouldn’t start something that I wouldn’t follow through on.  By setting boundaries & understanding the concept of follow-through, I was able to set reasonable goals that were attainable, including starting this blog.

I have discussed in previous blogs about the power of words and taking action.

However,  My words have no impact without Follow-Through.



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