Confidence & Actions

Confidence is a cologne or a fragrance that needs to put on everyday. It gravitates others towards you because it brings a positive energy which helps others.

When your confidence never wavers, especially when life throws tests at you, it’s one of the best traits that a person can ever have.


Confident people are Battle-Tested.

They’re also not afraid to take risks or fail, because they get the concept of taking action. They have a positive mindset to understand that set-backs are forward steps that leads to their greatness.

LeBron James, defied critics by leading his team to come back from a 3-1 series deficit to defeat the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals


Confident people understand the power of words with action behind it

They call positive things to existence when they don’t have it yet through Faith. For example, “I am going to start a blog and it will lead me to other avenues of successful businesses. ” Although I may not physically have a business, the fact that I am calling it forth will lead to the manifestation based on the continuing actions taken . When your confidence never wavers even when you don’t see the physical manifestation, it’s one of the greatest traits to have.


Stated he was the “Greatest of All-Time” and backed up his words  by becoming the most decorated Heavyweight Champions in history


Adele, the most decorated Grammy-winner, did not allow others to dictate how she is supposed look or be, and let her voice shine the light .

The greatest aspect about having confidence is that anyone can have it!!

It’s not exclusive to anyone. If you’re not born with confidence, you can take action to build it, which leads to challenges. With a strong belief system, understanding the power of your words & actions, the challenges will make champions in you, regardless of what area you’re at in life.


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