Understanding the Process

At times, I would give up on areas of my life easily because the results didn’t match the input that I was putting in. You always hear that the most gratifying things that come in life comes from being patient and going through the process.

For example, a college student going to a university for 4 years to “Turn up”  and receive their degree so they get the chance of getting a high paying job or run their own business. The student knows what their plan is at the beginning and they are willing to be patient because they know the results that come from it.


What if you don’t know what the outcome?

Would you still do it or will you give up?

What causes some people, including myself to be frustrated a times, is that we start something and the moment there is a setback, we’re ready to start something new instead of staying the course and not understanding that it’s a process.

I have learned that not everyone is going to be receptive, understand or even like the idea of me having a blog right away. Some might even be supportive at first.

I accept that.

But you know something else?

I don’t care…..

You shouldn’t care either. Whether you’re starting a blog, business, job etc…, All you need to to do is take action. By taking that action, you are increasing your Faith, especially during times where you don’t see the end results.

At the end of the day, You can look in the mirror and you can say that you never let anyone or anything hold you back.

If things don’t work out how you want, you will understand that it’s not the end result.

It’s just a Process…the process


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